Paljon sitä on kyselty, niin nyt sitä saa: arvioni Berghaus Crusader 90+20 rinkasta. Kyseinen rinkka on hieman sotilashenkisempi kuin perinteiset retkeilykaupasta saatavat kantolaitteet, mutta kulkee siviilinkin selässä ihan hyvin. Sisäinen ranka, juomarakon tasku ja valtava (yli 100 litran!) kapasiteetti tekevät Crusaderista kunnon työjuhdan pidemmällekin vaelluksille. Rinkka on ollut käytössäni nyt muutaman vuoden, joten aika selkeä mielipide on tästä jo muodostunut!



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    Serious issues with Berghaus Atlas (Cyclops II)
    Hi, Does anyone have experience with both Berghaus and Savotta? It would be interesting to hear a comparison. It seems too few know proper backpack fitting, to sanitize the market from poorly engineered backpacks. I have a real love/hate relation with my Berghaus Atlas (Cyclops II) that I have used seriously for some months now. It is supposed to be the latest version. With wider 4 cm straps etc. Its features are by the book in many ways. E.g. access to everything you need for short stop from the backside. So that you can sit on bag and reach everything you need particularly in winter with snow cover on etc. Great! However, the carry system is wrongly engineered. The lack of lower back "pillow", the slippery fabric and the lack of reinforcement on the backside cause the waist belt to slide too low on hip. Additionally Berghaus has issue with too short distance between waist belt and load-lifters. Issue commonly seen on backpacks outside the Nordics. In comparison rucksacks such as Norröna Reccon and Sacci FJS has as a good extra 10 cm in length in comparison. The poor functionality of the waist belt and the too short distance to the load-lifters cause the load to be distributed too low and to far from the spine. I see the same problem 3 seconds into your video. A properly made backpack should be much closer to your spine at the top and the load-lifters should be at a 45 degree angle from the top of your shoulders (not horizontally as in both your and my case).
    I doubt Berghaus current design will work properly for anyone taller than 170 cm (It has nothing to do with the sizing since the distance between waist belt and load lifters are the same for all sizes. Only the shoulder straps get closer and closer to the load lifters the bigger the size)
    Does Savotta have the same problem or is it properly engineered to accommodate a full grown man?


    As comparison it is interesting to see how a correctly engineered carry system should fit, see 19:30 into this presentation of Norröna Recon.
    Unfortunately I find Norröna Recon way too big for civilian use, even winter time.

  3. Harri M S Kaijansinkko

    Käsittääkseni ne sivutaskujen sisäsivuilla olevat lenkit ovat sitä varten, että rinkan pääosan sivuilla vetoketjujen välissä olevat hihnat voi pujottaa sivutaskujen lenkkien kautta, jolloin sivutaskujen paino ei ole pelkkien vetoketjujen varassa. Näin ainakin saman firman Vulcanissa. Kiinnittäminen on kyllä hieman työlästä.

  4. couchcamper

    You can actually leave the side pockets off or inside the main pack, and close the zippers, (turns it into a 40liter bag for everyday tasks) You will not be lured into packing unneccessary stuff into the bag just because it fits xD Because it won't, in that configuration.The Berghaus Packs are pretty versatile as long as you don't care for the funny look.
    And you can bend the belt back and close the Berg Buckle in front of the pack, this is often the way it is carried in the military to be able to wear a pistol belt / battle belt. So while you cannot take the belt off, you can elegantly get it out of the way. no fuzz. That's why I never sold mine and replaced it with a Savotta Jääkäri. Not worth the investment for such small things. The external frame LJK would be a real upgrade, but I don't need so much capabilities for what I am doing, it would be overkill.
    Very nice review, thanks.

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