Alone IN WATERPARK!! Teleportation Ep 4
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Hi, I’m Jarno Laasala. Started this channel to connect with you and taking this as an adventure to something new. Learning about myself and life everyday. Trying to be my best but also accept myself with my flaws. Let’s spread the love to ourselves and each other!

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I’m Entrenepreneur, Founder of Rabbit Films production company and Troot Youtube Network. Filmmaker and a Dudeson. Live in Kauniainen, Finland but visit Los Angeles quite often.

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Is Police after me? Onko poliisi mun perässä?

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  1. myfavoritevideos100

    🙂 At least,that coincidentally HP was there and he managed to solve your problem (and he prevented that the stewardess from taking you off the flight to Japan) !
    Is possibly I watch right now what happened on Japan…!

  2. Deminus

    Jarno do a Dudesons movie full of these awkward/daring moments, no dangerous stunts just awkward situations. Twitch chat/internet polls/youtube comments could determine what you have to do and stuff.

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